2×4 Grow Tent

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2X4X6’11 1680D  heavy duty  Simatiks grow tent with free 1′ extension kit to reach 7’11

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Simatiks grow tents are perfect for professional and beginner growers who are looking for the best. Simatiks grow tents are manufactured using the thickest material on the market 1680D is 3-9x thicker than competitors 190D -600D fabric. The added thickness makes the walls impermeable to light, resistant to odors, sound resistant, and properly insulated for optimal temperature performance.  Built-in easy view windows allows you to monitor your grow without vegetation disruption. Tent includes dual clinching ducts, highly reflective interior Diamond shaped Mylar, a convenient tool pouch, multiple vents to accommodate fans and filters, and an all-metal interlocking frame making this one of the strongest tents on the market. Our Tents also include a free 1′  height extension kit to give you a total height of 7’11”.

1 review for 2×4 Grow Tent

  1. flight_69 (verified owner)

    Now that’s a grow Tent !
    Everything was there, easy to assemble because of the way it’s made. That thing open like a origami fold. I Removed top and split it in haft, then build the frame in the bottom, slide the top in, zip all around and Voila !

    Mine as 2 different type of zippers (smoother ones for Doors) Its very tall for 2X4 tent, so you can grow big tall plants if you want. I did not use the Extension so its just under 7 foot tall.
    There is 5 air duct holes and 2 electrical ports. I couldn’t find any light breach.
    It’s a very well design tent, my plants will be happy,

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