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TrueSun 300


CITILED COBs full spectrum white light LED technology + UV and Infrared . The Daylight white CITILED COBs will allow you to see your plants in their natural colors allowing you too diagnose deficiencies I’m

TrueSun LED technology includes ULTRA VIOLET radiation just like in mother nature. We have introduced UV-A into our BridgeLux 5W diode arrays.

In 1972, McCree defined his “action spectrum” which is commonly used as a reference spectrum for photosynthesis. TrueSun LED’s Spectrum perfectly match the McCREEs ACTION SPECTRUM which has been proved to be the best spectrum for a grow light.

Secondary lens technology allows us to focus the light Emitting Diodes. Without Secondary lens You allow the light to travel in all directions. 90 degree lens direct light downward which magnifies PAR and increases canopy penetration by up to 200%.